Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on the New Job

Time flies. All the sudden, I'm well into the fourth week of my new job. Here is a quick update.

Changes are difficult, job change is no exception. I have switched job many times in the past, and I found coming in as a dev manager is especially difficult. Here is a list I made for myself before I took the job.
  • Technology
  1. Code base
  2. Infrastructure (system and hardware)
  3. Production SLA and monitoring

  • Process
  1. Development life cycle
  2. Deployment process
  3. Troubleshooting process
  4. Support and escalation
  5. Any relevant company policies

  • Domain knowledge
  1. High level business logic for all key components
  2. Product/service in relation to revenue

  • My team
  1. Skill set
  2. Career goals
  3. Interests

  • Management
  1. Who has influence over my team, directly or indirectly

  • Peer teams
  1. Whom my team need to work with
  2. History between my team and peer teams

Checking my progress again the list, I still have a long way to go.


David said...

Still using SCRUM at the new role?

CodeSith said...

Yup. SCRUM + Kanban

Eternal Sunshine said...

Your list is a great one. Another thing I would get is the past year's incidents/primary bugs - this will give you a very good idea on what exact product you are getting into.